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Self–Esteem & Soccer Program  
In partnership with The Tampa Bay Rowdies and the University of South Florida – St. Pete, this program is a self-esteem and character building program that uses soccer as its outlet. It will be offered to five different schools in the Midtown and Southside areas of St. Petersburg, FL. Students will learn and use techniques to help to with both group and individual skills.  They will also learn teamwork and character building skills as they utilize self-esteem as the foundation of this program. 

-$25 will purchase equipment for one child – including individual soccer ball, socks, shinguards, and jersey. 

-$50 will help one full game happen – including referees, scheduling and insurance.

-$150 will offer a child to play for the whole school year!

Mindfulness & Yoga Program
In partnership with the University of South Florida - St. Pete and Kidding Around Yoga, this program will be offered to 5 different schools in the Midtown and Southside areas of St. Petersburg, FL. This program will offer students in these schools to connect to body, mind and soul through Mindfulness and Yoga classes. Our Certified Kid’s Yoga Teachers use yoga poses, breathing, music and laughter to help each child with both internal and external success. These classes have helped the children to be more focused in class and understand how to their emotions much better. 

-$25 will buy equipment for one student – including individual yoga mat, music, scarves, and meditation resources. 
-$40 helps us run one Yoga class for 20 or more students with two Certified Kid’s Yoga teachers. 
-$100 will allow a child to be in the Mindfulness & Yoga program for the whole school year!

The Enrichment Program

We are in the development stage of creating an enrichment program for elementary school-aged children in the Midtown section of St. Petersburg, Florida. This afterschool program will be oriented toward children who may need extra care, support, and guidance (and a safe place to learn and flourish after school). We will offer a wealth of educational and holistic activities including:

-children's yoga
-music and art classes
-sports activities
-hygiene and self-care support
-goal-setting and achieving
-self-esteem and self-value exercises

We have gained the support of many local citizens and are in the process of securing a location and funding. If you would like to make a difference in a child's life, please help with this project.

Want to sponsor a child? Here are examples of what a huge difference each and every donation makes:

-$5 will help a child receive these services for an entire day
-$25 will help one child receive these services for an entire week
-$100 will help one child receive these services for an entire month
-$150 will help to build our "dream room", where children build and create their own dreams.
-$250 will help to build our gardening program by buying gardening supplies.
-$400 will help to build our art program and provide art supplies.
-$500 will help to build our music program and provide musical instruments.
-$1000 helps us to run the entire program for all 10 children for an entire month!

Your donation will help us to reach our goals, and the children to reach their dreams!

Want to donate any supplies (yoga, soccer, music, art, children's books, computers, tablets, desks, etc.) that you believe would be beneficial to our program? Please contact us any time at

The Tutoring Program
We sponsor and staff a tutoring program in St. Petersburg, Florida at a school called Academy Prep. This school focuses on 5-8th grade students in areas of distress and assists in their academic and emotional needs. The students are able to gain a higher quality education through more hands-on learning and face-to-face time. Hands 4 Hope staffs tutors for the roughly 25 children at a time. Your assistance with this program would help to staff our tutors and help these children succeed. Here are examples of what a big difference a small, but generous, donation can make:

-$15 helps us to staff one tutor per day
-$60 helps us to staff one tutor for the whole week
-$250 helps us to staff one tutor for the whole month.

Maximo Elementary School Garden in South Pinellas County

We began installing the first phase of this school garden in the fall of 2012. In January of 2013 we partnered with another local organization called the Edible Peace Patch Project to expand the school garden significantly.

Each class works in the garden once a week and has lessons integrated in their science curriculum. Thanks to our generous donations, we have installed three recycled composite picnic tables, eaves on the building next to the garden with downspouts feeding into the rain barrels, as well as a shed to hold all the garden tools and supplies. The children have painted tiles to label each vegetable or fruit. Stay tuned to see the progress of the garden and the students this year!

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