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who is Hands4Hope?

Hands4Hope is a group of dedicated, diverse professionals in the Tampa Bay Area all working together to empower and enrich the lives of local youth.

On the importance of self-esteem and self-worth

The feeling of self-worth is priceless. We believe that children will all flourish into productive beings, if given the right tools, support, and guidance. When a child finds a positive outlet they are better equipped to handle stress and adversity. This ability to self-soothe builds self-esteem and creates a deep well of self-worth a child can draw on.

We have seen that children who find healthy outlets early in life are much more likely to succeed in life, both in times of success and in times of difficulty. Each time a child bounces back from an adverse event because of their own resilience, they build even more resilience.

Children with high self-esteem will:

  • Feel capable of influencing another's opinions or behaviors in a positive way.
  • Be able to communicate feelings and emotions in a variety of situations.
  • Approach new situations in a positive and confident manner.
  • Exhibit a high level of frustration tolerance.
  • Accept responsibility.
  • Keep situations (positive and negative) in proper perspective.
  • Communicate positive feelings about themselves.
  • Possess an internal locus of control (belief that whatever happens to them is the result of their own behavior and actions).

Conversely, children with low self-esteem will:

  • Consistently communicate self-derogatory statements.
  • Exhibit learned helplessness.
  • Not volunteer.
  • Practice perfectionism.
  • Be overly dependent.
  • Demonstrate an excessive need for acceptance: a great desire to please authority figures.
  • Have difficulty making decisions.
  • Exhibit low frustration tolerance.
  • Become easily defensive
  • Have little faith in their own judgment and be highly vulnerable to peer pressure.
Richard Lavoie (2002)

how you can help


Hands4Hope is teaming up with businesses and organizations in all areas of aid and education. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a partner with us to benefit the greater good, please send us an email today!

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Eco-Tourism Organic Farm Phillipines

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Feely Family Foundation - World Ministries Football Club

One Week a Year

Mission of Hope Haiti

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The Refuge of Hope - El Refugio de Esperanza


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